Privacy policy

Why we collect your information

The sole purpose of myTrainingForecast is to help you plan your training, and reduce your risk of injury. We collect your personal data to support these objectives, and in particular to:
  • give you personalised predictions on your training, so that you can make more informed decisions
  • develop and improve our athletic injury and performance models, so that we can provide you and our other users with more accurate predictions

Note that myTrainingForecast is only funded through membership subscriptions, and so we do not collect or disclose your information for advertisment purposes.

What information we collect

We collect:
  • your athletic activities and user profile from the services that you choose to connect to myTrainingForecast (for example Strava)
  • the personal information that you choose to enter on our myTrainingForecast website (for example your past or planned activities, personal and health details)
  • the way in which you access and interact with the myTrainingForecast websites and services (for example the way you browse through our webpages)
Strava may collect:
  • information and data related to myTrainingForecast's use of the Strava API, as described in the Strava API Agreement

With whom we plan to share or disclose your data

We do not share the personal information you give us with third parties. This includes data you enter in our website, and the data we collect from other connected services (for example Strava). Note however that we:
  • use analytics providers to improve our website, and to analyse its traffic. This is to help us understand how our users interact with the myTrainingForecast services, so that we can develop more relevant content for our users.
  • may occasionally compile anonymised aggregate statistics to improve the accuracy of our training algorithms, and to produce statistics on training injuries, health and performance. No personally identifying data is included in this type of analysis.

How long will we store your data

We will store your data while you are a registered user of the myTrainingForecast services. If you choose to close your account we will delete and/or fully anonymise your data.