Introducing a science-based injury prevention web app

From garden ornament to running injury prediction algorithms

That massive otter statue had been at the back of our garden for years, forgotten by the previous owner, but that day in May 2017 was the day I was going to relocate it to its new home: the local tip. Skilfully manoeuvring it through the patio, down the steps, and while swinging it to enter the garage I firmly planted my right knee in the metal door frame. This was bad, I could barely walk. My first thought: “will I be able to run the Worthing 10K race in 4 days’ time?!“. I followed all the usual advice (rest, ice, compress, elevate), then warily stood at the start line but happily completed my very first 10 km race in 44:01, just a minute slower than my original target time. I knew racing straight after this injury was playing with fire, so I took 2 weeks almost completely off running to let my knee recover. What happened next completely changed the way I plan my weekly runs to stay injury-free.

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