Too much, too soon?

Plan your runs to reduce injury risks
Track your risk of overuse injury
Analyse and optimise your training load
Avoid running too much too soon
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Run safe, run smart

Predict your risk of overuse injury and optimum training load

We apply the latest sports science research to your runs, and help you avoid running too much too soon

Plan your training

Plan your weekly runs to maintain or increase your mileage as safely as possible.

Whether you're building your aerobic base, or returning from an injury, illness or a break, can help you prevent doing too much too soon

Predict overuse injuries

Estimate your risk of overuse injury (such as: runner's knee, shin splints, stress fracture, plantar fasciitis, ITBS, Achilles tendonitis), and adjust your training accordingly

Membership plans

Get a Premium membership to upgrade your injury prediction to our latest evidence-based personalised model


  • ACR basic injury prediction
  • Risk of injury: 2-month chart
  • Email alerts when risk changes


  • Personalised injury prediction
  • Risk of injury: full history chart
  • Personalised risk email alerts
  • Personalised ACR email alerts
  • Multi-sport training health
  • Run / Ride / Swim ACR charts
  • Run / Ride elevation gain ACR charts
  • Free 2-week trial included

Premium memberships cost less than a session of physio per year! (£3.99 / $4.99 / €3.99 per month)

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